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Only Canadian diamonds with the finest cuts can be called Maximum Brilliance Diamonds
Maximum Brilliance Canadian Diamonds meet the highest possible international standards of quality in the industry
Only the finest rough crystals are selected for Maximum Brilliance diamonds and their beauty is never artificially treated or enhanced.

Every diamond is accompanied by a Maximum Brilliance ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ and is laser engraved with its own unique serial number along with the Maximum Brilliance logo. As well, a certificate by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), or the International Gemological Institute (IGI) is provided.

Gemological Institute of AmericaInternational Gemological Institute           

Canadian diamonds are pure, ethical and socially conscious diamonds. All the Canadian diamonds that Maximum Brilliance carries are mined in strict accordance to the social, environmental and labour practices of Canada, strictly regulated by the Government of Canada.

Maximum Brilliance Canadian diamonds are in full compliance with Government of Canada federal guidelines and is governed by the standards of the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct for Authenticating Canadian Diamonds.



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Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct